Travelling to Mykonos

Best Ways to Travel to Mykonos

Travelling to Mykonos

Travel to Mykonos Greece Travel Information, Mykonos Airport, Flights, Ferry Boats, Cruises to Mykonos Island Greece

From the enchanting beaches you will visit first and the bars or restaurants to add on your must-see list, to the most picturesque settlement where you will decide to spend your vacation, Mykonos is a unique place with a thousand things to discover, day after day!

Thankfully, due to its popularity as a vacation destination, it is very easy to travel to Mykonos. There are flights to Mykonos from Athens Airport almost on a daily basis, while ferry boats to Mykonos Port depart from Piraeus Port and other ports throughout Greece several times a day. You can look for Mykonos flights and ferry boats on your own via the internet or contact your travel agent who can locate the most suitable flight or ferry itinerary depending on your needs, budget and schedule.

Travel to Mykonos from Athens

ShipHigh Speed Boats and Ferry Boats to Mykonos from Piraeus Port
  • Piraeus Port – Call Center: Tel. +30 14541
  • Hellas Seaways Piraeus: Tel +30 210 8919010, +30 210 8919800
  • Blue Star Ferries: Tel. +30 210 8919800, 210 8919010
ShipHydrofoil to Mykonos from Rafina Port
  • Rafina Port: Tel. +30 22940 22840
  • Blue Star Ferries: Tel. +30 210 8919800, 210 8919010 Approximately 2 ½ hours
planeFlights to Mykonos from the Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”
  • Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”: Tel. +30 210 353-0000
  • Olympic Airways: Tel. +30 801 801 0101 and 210 355-0000
  • Aegean Airlines: Tel. +30 210 626-1000 and 210 626-1700 Approximately 45 minutes

Travel to Mykonos from Thessaloniki

ShipFerry Boats to Mykonos from Thessaloniki Port

  • Thessaloniki Port: Tel. +30 2310 593118 – 121
  • Minoan Lines: Tel. +30 2810 399800, 2810 399899, 2810 399855

    Approximately 14 hours

planeFlights from the “Macedonia” (Thessaloniki) Airport

  • “Macedonia” (Thessaloniki) Airport: Tel. +30 2310 985-000
  • Aegean Airlines: Tel. +30 210 626-1000 and 210 626-1700

Travel to Athens & Thessaloniki from Mykonos

ShipMykonos Ferry Boats & High Speed Boats
  • Mykonos Port: Tel. +30 22890 28934
  • Hellas Seaways Piraeus: Tel +30 210 8919010, +30 210 8919800
  • Blue Star Ferries: Tel. +30 210 8919800, 210 8919010
planeMykonos Flights
  • Mykonos Airport: Tel. +30 22890 79000
  • Olympic Airways: Tel. +30 801 801 0101 and 210 355-0000
  • Aegean Airlines: Tel. +30 210 626-1000 and 210 626-1700
Travel to Mykonos from other destinations in Greece Mykonos (Mikonos) is connected to the other Cyclades Islands, Dodecanese Islands and Crete by boat or hydrofoil and to Santorini and Rhodes also by airplane.Buses frequently depart from Mykonos Town for other settlements and beaches on the island. You can also tour the island on your own with a rental car or motorbike, which can be hired from one of the many car rental agencies throughout the island.

Other Useful Telephones

  • Mykonos Police: +30 22890 22235, 22716
  • Mykonos Tourist Police: +30 22890 22482
  • Mykonos Town Health Center: +30 22890 23994, 23998
  • Mykonos Town Hall: +30 22890 22201, 23990, 23988, 23261

Where to stay in Mykonos

All around the picturesque settlements of Mykonos Greece you will find great Mykonos Hotels appealing to your taste and requirements. There are Mykonos spa and beach hotels for those who wish to take some wellness treatments during their vacations. There is also a good deal of Mykonos Hotels offering from honeymoon suites to roomy apartments, sophisticated studios for two, luxury villas and fully equipped hotel rooms for rent in Mykonos Greece for all tastes and budgets!

Visit & Stay
Whether you are travelling with friends, family or your significant other, 'Mykonos Hotels' aims to satisfy every discerning holidaymaker.

Plan your Vacation

Have you selected Mykonos Island for your holiday this time and you want to know all the potentials available for you to enjoy unforgettable moments on this amazing island?


Motor Boat Rentals

Motor Boat Rentals

Large selection of motorboats available for rental in Greece

Motor boats can be rented as a bareboat, skippered or fully crewed charter. Luxury crewed motor yachts are also available for rent. Bigger models are superb choice for extended vacations as they offer below deck comfort and luxury. The most popular brands in Greece are Bavaria, Monte Carlo and Nimbus.

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