Mykonos History

Ancient History of Mykonos & Delos Island

Mykonos & Delos History

Mykonos History | Ancient History of Mykonos Island Greece

The history of Mykonos and Delos is interrelated and can be found somewhere between historical fact and mythology, according to which Mykonos Island got its name from the grandson of Apollo, Mykonos. Indeed, Delos Island, which is located opposite Mykonos, was believed to be the birthplace of the Olympian god Apollo.

Based on archaeological findings from excavations on the island, Mykonos and Delos history began as early as 3000 BC. During the rule of Alexander the Great, Mykonos was a significant commercial, agricultural, and maritime center. Its prominence continued throughout the Roman Occupation. As for Delos it was the most respected sacred place in antiquity and on the 7th century BC it had become a famous centre of worship, nowadays being one of the most impressive archaeological sights in the world.
The history of Mykonos in the Middle Ages is characterized by continuous foreign occupation and invasion, first by the Venetian, and then by the Saracens and the Turks. Manto Marvrogenous, a Mykonian and one of the most well-known heroines in Greek history, led the fight for the island’s liberation, resulting in its accession to Greece in 1830. After WWII, Mykonos began to develop into a significant tourist destination, mainly because of its island charm and wonderful hospitality. At present, Mykonos enjoys being one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world, selected by celebrities, VIPs, and common tourists alike.

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