Ornos Beach

Location: Southwestern Mykonos Greece

Ornos Beach

Ornos Mykonos Beaches | Ornos Beach in Mykonos Greece

Ornos, Mykonos, beach is a family-oriented shore and one of the trendiest and most crowded beaches. Situated on the southern part of the island, it is only 3.5km from the capital. Expect no wind, crystalline waters, and caster sand which contribute to excellent on-shore experiences. The fact that Ornos, Mykonos, beach is so well-organized with sofas, umbrellas, beanbags, sunbeds, beach bars, and restaurants give it an irresistible allure. As for its distinctive resort atmosphere and the sandy sea bottom that drops off gently from the shore, they definitely create the means for superb family holidays. No wonder many exclusive Mykonos hotels are found here. It should be noted that Ornos, Mykonos is also the starting point for numerous excursions to Delos island, along with other VIP-favored shores, such as Super Paradise, Agrari, Elia, and Psarou. Don’t be surprised if you see luxury yachts dropping anchor here – the sheltered bay is ideal for docking boats, catamarans, and small ships. Finally, the frequent local bus service allows you to access the beach from Mykonos Town without breaking a sweat.

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